Passengers prefer windows

Looking outside during a flight is a real entertainment, that only a plane can provide. 

Boeing and Embraer develop large window solutions for their business jet version, proving that passengers with strong purchasing capacity look for genuine eye experience. Quite naturally, the size of windows are now significant selling arguments in the business jet market.

EarthBay will bring an outstanding flight experience.

Premium market goes high-end

The premium market of traditional airlines is in constant competition. Innovation leads to new offers like suite concepts for their First Class and premium seats for their Economy Class. 

EarthBay will be a real differentiating asset for airlines.

Air freight sector is under pressure

Making profits is challenging for the air freight sector. Many  long-haul flights are operated with cargo bays more than half empty, while air freight activity requires significant logistic costs and reliable and expensive software.

In addition, freight transportation is not part of the business model of many low cost or charter airlines.
Thus, refurbishing the forward cargo bay as a passenger cabin will have limited impact on the freight activity as the afterward cargo bay would be enough to carry it in many cases.

EarthBay will add value to an underused space

New solutions are emerging

Manufacturers and major suppliers are investing to transform the cargo bay area in a high value space for airlines.
Congratulations to the Airbus and Safran mixed teams who won the 2019 Crystal Cabin Award in the Cabin Concepts category during Aircraft Interiors Expo !

EarthBay will unleash the potential for new concepts.