The journey till the entry into service is still long, and it's just starting.

All stories have a beginning

It all started in 2017

Fruit of the passion for aircraft design, the idea emerged in summer 2017, in a quiet place far away from technology and constrains. Since, research and designs have developed the project to its state today.

Academical support

The assessment of the certification challenges has been performed by students of the ENAC (Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile) with the help of their teachers.

Patent pending

After several redesigns, and in order to protect the product before unveiling it, the decision to launch the patent process was evident.

Weave the web

This is today's priority. Meet airlines, aircraft manufacturers, industrial partners, MRO stations, certification authorities, investors...

The path to entry into service in 2024


- Operator’s needs

- CS25 certification plan

- Digital mock-up

- Prototype realization


- Testing limit & ultimate loads

- Stress analyses

- Collaboration with EASA,  FAA and other authorities


- Focus on one aircraft model

- Control of the ramp-up

- Extension to other models step by step

Entry into service

- Customer support

- Maintenance & repair documentation (ICA)

- Spares stock